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Please check in advance for local weather during time of stay.

Average Temperatures 
                       High          Low
January            65             39
February          69             42
March              74             46
April                83             53
May                 91             61
June              102             70
July               105             79
August           102             77
September      98             70
October          87             59
November       74             46
December       60             40

What to Wear
• Arizona dress is refreshingly casual
• Arizona evening wear is slightly dressier
• Men may feel more comfortable wearing a coat and tie in Arizona’s finer restaurants
• Ties for men are not required in family-style establishments
• Sweaters, jeans and western wear are typical for cookouts and cowboy nightspots
• Office attire is suggested for business

January through March
• Women: skirts, shorts, slacks, jeans, sweaters, light jackets
• Men: slacks, shorts, polo shirts, sweaters or sport coats
• Women and men may prefer warmer dress for evening when out in the desert night

April through September
• Pack your swimsuit, sunglasses and sunscreen
• Women: short-sleeve shirts, sundresses and shorts
• Men: shorts and short-sleeve shirts
• Light sweaters may be desired in air conditioned rooms or in cool evenings

October through December
• Women: light slacks, jeans, skirts and light sweaters
• Men: light clothing for daytime
• Bring a light jacket or sweater for the cool evenings

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